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Probate investing is one of my favorite niches as everyone knows. It is also one of the most lucrative niches of all which is another reason it is one of my favorites.  I think every real estate investor should learn probate investing. There are some things however that are unique to this particular niche. That's what I wanted to go over in this short video today.

Getting the leads can be the most challenging part of the whole process when you set out to learn probate investing. But once you have that piece figured out, you just need a good direct mail campaign to get the ball rolling.

I think folks also get hung up on what they mistakenly think is a tedious legal proceeding that they need to be involved in.

“The legal stuff is for the probate attorney working on the estate to take care of”.  

While it is helpful to understand the legal aspects of probate investing, it's not necessary for real estate investors to be involved in the process.  Take just a few minutes and see why you should be learn probate investing yourself.



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