I'm Almost There!

I'm Almost There!


I have been a big fan of Maren Kate and her “Escaping the 9 to 5” blog ever since I first discovered it a couple of years ago.  She is a young entrepreneur that is an inspiration to everyone that is lucky enough to find her.

She wrote a very insightful blog post this week about lessons she has learned and the “5 Traits Needed For Success”.  Maren is the first person to point out that this path is anything but easy. She always speaks from the heart, and I find her to be such an inspiration that I wanted to share this article with you. I’ve included a little bit of her post and a link to the rest of it. Enjoy!


Lessons Learned: 5 Traits Needed for Success

By Maren Kate on November 21, 2011

When I came to San Francisco, almost a year ago today, I thought I had a decent understanding of starting a business in the internet space. I had been “working online” since I was 19, doing everything from selling jewelry on eBay to social media consulting, I look back now and blush over my deep, unsettling ignorance.

In the last year I have learned more about starting up in the real world than I thought was possible – the crazy part is I probably haven’t even scratched the surface. When people say “it isn’t easy” they aren’t lying, they’re being generous. If I did a slideshow of what I’ve gone through in the last year to get Zirtual from non-existent to what it is today – you wouldn’t believe me.

I have lived in hostels, I have taken advantage of complimentary breakfasts at places I’m not staying, I have cried late at night prostrated on my desk, I have worked out of Starbucks, I have walked 3 miles in the rain to a meeting and arrived soaking wet because I didn’t want to spend the money on a cab, I have hustled, I have begged, I have borrowed, I have done everything but steal – unless you count aforementioned free-breakfast noshing stealing – then I’ve even done that.

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