probate investingToday's show is about something that is vital to a landlord's bottom line, and that is having happy tenants that want to stay in your rental for years.  Today I am going over 5 ways to ensure that you have happy and responsible tenants.  No one wants tenants that are happy but don't take care of the property and pay rent on time.


Show Notes

  • Getting started on the right foot every time
  • What exactly is “onboarding”
  • Why onboarding your new tenants is critical to your bottom line
  • Educating your tenants the right way
  • Why they will be better tenants if they know exactly what you expect of them
  • Why your move in inspection is so important and how it sets the tone for how they will treat your house.
  • Explaining the ramifications of not paying rent on time
  • Your responsibilities as a landlord
  • Tips for being a great landlord


Here's Your Podcast – 5 Ways to Ensure You Have Happy, Responsible, Tenants that Stay for Years


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