Absentee OwnersIn today’s video I want to talk about absentee owners.

I love working with absentee owners. In fact it is one of my favorite niches because over time many of these folks will become very motivated to sell their property at a deep discount.  It will just get to be too much trouble to manage a property so far away from where they live.


In this video I will talk about:

  • The difference between in state and out of state absentee owners, and which ones I like to work with
  • How folks sometimes become absentee owners (by accident)
  • What the “PITA” factor is
  • And how long you should send direct mail to these folks (there is a specific length of time)

I hope that if you aren’t already working with absentee owners, you will see the many advantages of working in this niche. This is another niche that I like to say has the “low hanging fruit”.


Here Is the Video: 



Let me know if you work with absentee owners and what your experience has been with these folks.

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