Achieving Success

Achieving Success

I got a call recently  from a fellow investor who asked me if I would be willing to do an interview with him. Of course, the answer was yes!

I am always honored to be asked.  A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of spending some time with Chris Bruce who is a very successful real estate investor in Tampa, Florida while doing a recorded interview.

We talked about real estate in general, but we also talked about some of the things that we think are just so important whether you are just getting started or you are an experienced real estate investor.


Here are just a few of the things we discussed In Our Interview 

  • Your mindset and just how important that is. How do you stay “up when things are tough”?
  • Mentors – Where do you find them?
  • How do you overcome those inevitable challenges that come your way?
  • The best ways to find buyer and seller leads.
  • Tips and advice for “newbies”.


I hope you enjoy the interview! Just Click Here To Listen

You can find Chris Bruce at Chris Bruce's REI Blog. Check it out.




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