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Did you ever think about investing in real estate outside the US?  My guest today not only thought about it, but she took the plunge and did it.

Ali Boone is a full time real estate investor from Los Angeles, CA.  She is the founder of Hipster Investments, and she invests in turnkey properties.  She has built a very successful business investing not only in other states here in the US where property is much more affordable than where she is located, but in Nicaragua as well.

Ali’s background is actually in aerospace engineering. She is a pilot and a published author who enjoys an active lifestyle and is a self-proclaimed beach bum.

Ali has truly perfected a “passive income lifestyle” though real estate investing which isn’t easy to do. Or is it?

Listen in as she tells you exactly how she did it.


Show Notes:

This interview is just over 1 hour long, so I have broken it down into two parts for you.  Here are just some of the highlights of this podcast:

  • How Ali got started in real estate
  • Her initial vision for her company and how that has evolved
  • Why she chose to invest in other states right from the beginning
  • How she chose the area she ultimately decided to invest in
  • How she finds her deals.  Here’s a tip; there’s no marketing involved.
  • What her team looks like and why they are so important to her success
  • Whether or not she actually looks at her properties before buying them
  • Why Nicaragua and how she found that first property there
  • Special challenges for folks investing in other countries
  • They key piece of information you need to know before you buy outside the US

And the best of all?  How she built and manages her “hands off “, completely passive investing business 

Ali's Site

Be sure to stop by Ali's site “Hipster Investments”.  Check out her blog and everything she has to offer. If you want to learn about investing in turnkey properties, it's the place to be.


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