Amazing Entrepreneurs Jaime Tardy

Jaime Tardy

I recently had the opportunity of interviewing  Jaime Tardy for my “Amazing Entrepreneurs  series”, and what an inspiration Jaime is! She is a true star in the “Escaping the 9 to 5”  world. What I really love about Jaime’s story is that she is living proof that if you set big goals, you have a plan and you work your plan, your dreams can come true.

Jaime had a pretty awesome goal; she wanted to pay off $70,000 in debt so that she could quit her job, start a family and then stay home with her kids. Her bigger “why” was that she wanted to create a certain lifestyle for both herself and her family.  This ultimately
led to the creation of her business the “Eventual Millionaire “.

If you listen to entrepreneurs today, you will find more and more of them that are trying to create a lifestyle, not just a big business.  These folks are going to great lengths to step away from 60 -80 hour work weeks; they are diligently trying to work smarter, carve out more free time and create their ideal life. This “ideal life”is different for anyone, but there is one characteristic that remains the same. 

These entrepreneurs are all consciously designing the life they want to live.

This is without a doubt the biggest bonus you get from being an entrepreneur. You absolutely have ability to make these choices that you couldn’t make as an employee.

Spend a few minutes with us today as Jaime tells us what her definition of an “Eventual Millionaire” is, how her business exploded practically overnight, and what she has learned about millionaires after interviewing more than 75 of these phenomenal people. I will put the link to Jaime’s site below this video. If you are looking for inspiration, you will certainly find on her site the “Eventual Millionaire”.

Entrepreneur Inside Jaime Tardy



Be sure to stop by Jaime's site, the “Eventual Millionaire”.   Find out how just other folks got to be millionaires.



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