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Today's article is on Google street view postcards. I think these are a great postcard to use in conjunction with your other marketing pieces. They are definitely unique mail pieces. I wouldn't use them every time you do a mailing, but I do think its a good idea to mix them in occasionally. Part of being a successful marketer is doing things differently so that you stand out from your competition. Changing up your mail pieces is one way you can do that.  My thanks to McKinley Crowley for this article.


A New Take on Personalizing Direct Mail

Marketing 101 encourages us to always find new ways to stay ahead of the curve and explore new techniques that set us apart from the competition. As Real Estate Investors, creative marketing plays a critical role in the success and longevity of our businesses.

It is no secret that personalizing mailers with first name/last name and property address will catch your prospects’ attention more so than generic naming convention. For example,“Dear Jason, I am interested in purchasing your property at 123 N Main Street in Andover” is more impactful than “Dear Homeowner, I am interested in your property”. The goal of Google Street View postcards is to take that concept a step further. Now, not only are you sending a mailer to the prospect about their property, but you can show them an image of the property you are referencing.  Check it out…


Postcard Marketing

Back of Postcard

Postcard Marketing

Front of Postcard

Creepy… or Genius?

Okay, okay I know what you are thinking… creepy right? Well at first, I had the same thought but then I realized that nothing would catch my attention faster than seeing a photo of my own house on a postcard.

After the initial attention grab, your prospect will quickly notice the little disclaimer stating that this is an image produced from Google Maps, and it will immediately alleviate the feeling that someone drove by their house to capture this photo.

Now anyone who is looking to poke holes in this strategy will think… well not EVERY home is captured on Google street view right? In some cases, a property may be hiding behind tree cover or at the end of a long driveway. In this case, the google image will become the closest possible landmark. Those individuals will still recognize those trees or that driveway because it is their trees and their driveway. The goal of this postcard is to spark familiarity. When your prospect looks at this card you want them to think “Hey I recognize that”. Ultimately the postcard fulfills its job of grabbing the prospect’s attention and showing them an image that they recognize. From there, ideally, this image will prompt a phone call!


Other Tips to Consider when Creating a Direct Mail Strategy

  • Personalization is super important and can be the difference in a call vs no call.
  • Make sure to follow up! Very few deals come in after just one mailer, so stick to it!
  • Scrub your list. Make sure you set yourself up for success with a scrubbed lead list.
  • Choose the best mail piece for your company: One shoe does not fit all, so find what works for you.
  • Set yourself apart with eye-catching mail pieces.

Finding new and innovative ways to capture the attention of your potential sellers is a key component of marketing. After gathering thoughts and feedback from investors around the country we found that, as with any marketing technique you need to do your testing to find what works best for you and in your area.

If you have any questions about Google Street View postcards, or if you are looking for the perfect direct mail piece for your company, I am always happy to provide additional insight. Reach out to me today for more information.


About McKinley

Marketing, Open Letter MarketingMcKinley Crowley is the CMO and sales coordinator at Open Letter Marketing, a direct mail marketing company specifically for real estate investors. She enjoys working with investors, and sharing thoughts and advice to help investors grow their business and close more deals. If you are looking for a unique direct mail option, feel free to reach out and chat! McKinley enjoys connecting with clients and creating direct mail campaigns that fit all of their marketing needs. Here’s to bigger and better deals!

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