using digital marketing to generate motivated seller leads


Using Digital Marketing to Generate Motivated Seller Leads – Episode #432

My guest today is Brandon Bateman. Brandon's company specializes in online motivated seller lead generation for real estate investors through PPC, SEO, and Facebook Ads. Today, we will focus on how ads can generate leads for your real estate investing business and why working with an expert in the real estate investing niche is essential.


[00:00 – 07:04] Opening Segment

  • Brandon's career and background
  • His approach to marketing is based on a constant framework around innovation and improvement
  • He focuses solely on how to make a fantastic product for real estate investors


[07:05 – 18:10] Unlocking the Secrets of Google PPC: How to Get Results with Ads

  • Focusing on product and research and development is vital to success
  • Track everything from ad clicks, forms, opportunities, contracts, etc.
  • PPC is the act of paying for your ad to show up when somebody searches for your target keywords
  • Targeting based on intent is highly predictive, more so than situational factors
  • Real-time bidding was invented after the internet, where Google has 10,000 data points on each person, which advertisers use to determine the price of inventory
  • Landing pages need to be designed properly to turn expensive traffic into leads


[18:11 – 25:46] Understanding Machine Learning and AI in Ad Platforms

  • AI has been part of ad platforms for a long time, as it is better with numbers than language models
  • Working with an agency that has the right amount of data can help shortcut the learning process
  • Statistics can help understand if variance in results is due to random variation or actual performance difference


[25:47 – 32:04] Understanding PPC Targeting and Bidding

  • Sample size over time will make performance and results the same thing
  • To target in PPC, one needs to think about intent and use keywords and negative keywords
  • Bidding affects targeting, so it's vital to buy clicks at the right price
  • Automation rules can be set up with keywords to leave out specific people or add certain people


[32:05 – 36:06] What You Need to Know to Double Your Lead Generation

  • 15% of searches on Google are unique and have never been searched before
  • Working with an agency is recommended for scaling up lead generation
  • Focus on return on investment, not just leads
  • Data is more important than the person running campaigns


[36:07 – 39:43] Closing Segment




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