Terry Sprouse is both a successful real estate investor and the author of two books. He also has a great blog called “Fix em Up Rent em Out” that I have been following for some time now. So I was really excited to read his new book. What I love about him is not only that he has real world experience to pass on, but he is very good taking a difficult topic and breaking it down into easy to understand steps.

Terry has a very interesting story to tell about how he started investing in real estate, and what prompted him to take that “next step” and write his books. This book is a quick and easy read that is sprinkled with quotes. I found it both informative and entertaining at the same time.

In his newest book “Carve out Your Niche”, Terry talks about creating your perfect life; one that allows you to live your passion. He also gives us a blueprint for telling “our story” or writing the book that lives inside of us. He manages to break down this subject so well that we are left feeling like we too can do it.

Terry covers important topics such as identifying your niche. He defines your niche as “the world you live in; a world that you create that is built around a profession that is spiritually satisfying to you”.

He also talks about how his niche of buying fixer upper houses has created a better, more secure life for him. This book is not only for folks interested in real estate investing, but for anyone committed to creating a better life for themselves. Terry demystifies the whole process of how to write a book and get it published.

Last but not least, he breaks down all of the components of marketing your book to the masses. This information alone is worth the price of the book. He does a great job of breaking this complicated task into bit sized pieces.

I would strongly recommend this book as a must read for anyone still trying to create their niche and live a life that is both professionally and spiritually satisfying, and certainly for those of us that still have the beginnings of that “unwritten book” inside of them.

To pick up a copy of “Carve Out Your Niche” CLICK HERE.

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