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Cash buyers are the lifeblood of a wholesalers business.  Building a list of cash buyers is also one of the biggest challenges real estate investors face. Everyone knows they are out there. But where do you find them?  How can you get them on your list? I’m not talking about the tire kickers, but real cash buyers. What are some tips for finding them?

There is nothing worse for a wholesaler than snatching up a great deal only to find out he can’t find a cash buyer to close on it.

What if I told you that I can point you in a direction that would make this process almost painless and that is wasn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg?  Well that’s a promise I can keep.


Introducing “Cash Buyer Ninja”

I just came across Steph Davis’ brand new course called the “Cash Buyer Ninja; The Ultimate Guide to Building a Kick A$$ Buyer’s List”.  I finished going through the entire course, and I wanted to be sure everyone knew about it. Why? Because I think it’s a great product, and I firmly believe every real estate investor needs to know how to do this.

What can you expect to learn from this course?

There is just a ton of good, practical information in the “Cash Buyer Ninja”. Steph leads you step by step through the process of finding proven cash buyers and getting them on your list.

There are 4 training modules in the Cash Buyer Ninja plus the Contracts module and a Bonus module.

Here is just a sampling of what is covered in these modules:

– Module 1. Why cash buyers are absolutely essential for the success of your business, and how to screen them.

Here’s a tip: Not all cash buyers are equal.

– Module’s 2 and 3. The most effective ways for finding cash buyers.

Steph shares all of the sites where she finds her best cash buyers. You know; the ones that own multiple properties and have cash in their pocket. Then she teaches you exactly how to how to do the same thing right from the comfort of your home. Her video tutorials make this process so simple and easy to understand that anyone can do this.

– Module 4. This is a bonus module that covers how to turn your buyers into repeat buyers not just “one time wonders”.

You will also learn how to structure the paperwork when you are working with sellers, buyers (yes it’s different), non-assignable REO’s, and she gives you the paperwork you need in your toolbox when partnering up with other wholesalers on deals.

Contracts Module

In this module you will find all the forms you need for buyers and sellers along with a video tutorial on just how to fill out and use these forms and contracts. Let’s face it; that can all be very confusing especially in the beginning.


Steph has some great bonuses for you in this module. It has additional forms, a sample letter to landlords, scripts, and much, much more. Once again she steps it up a notch and has created videos for each of these bonuses.

Also included are what I consider to be several advanced strategies such as how to how to buy non-assignable deals with none of your own money, and how to safely work with other wholesalers on joint venture deals.  (You want to be sure you get paid on those JV deals right)? 

She has also included a killer report called “65 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers”. This information is worth the price of the course alone.

What a Bargain!

If you were to try to learn all of this from scratch by searching for the answers to your questions on the internet it would take forever assuming you even knew the right questions to ask.

And here’s the best part.

This great product sells for the unbelievable amount of $97.

That's right. It's just $97 bucks.  So do yourself a favor and check it out today by clicking right here where it says “Cash Buyer Ninja”.


Cash Buyer Ninja

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