Conquering Imposter Syndrome


My guest today is mindset expert, Nina Cooke. I am excited to have Nina on the show because it gives us a chance to dive into the topic of imposter syndrome. I don’t know a single person that hasn’t experienced it, and it holds us back not only in business but in our personal lives.

Imposter syndrome isn’t something that you only feel when you’re just starting out. It plagues entrepreneurs no matter what their level of success is. When I say no one is immune from this feeling it’s true. How many times have you second-guessed yourself or wondered when you will be “found out”?  Or maybe this sounds like you.  Do you constantly downplay your expertise?  Imposter syndrome prevents you from living your best life, and today you’ll learn what to do about that.

Nina Cooke is a Business Mindset Coach helping entrepreneurs to release their deep inner blocks so they can hit that sweet spot of continually growing their impact, income, and downtime. In today’s show, you’ll get some actionable tips on how to leave imposter syndrome behind once and for all so that you can step into your expertise and share it with the world with confidence.


Show Notes

I find the topic fascinating because this problem affects every entrepreneur at some point.  If you ever struggle with feeling like you’re “not enough”, you’re going to love this show.

  • How real-life experiences led Nina to study mindset
  • What exactly is impostor syndrome?
  • What causes entrepreneurs to be filled with self-doubt or to feel like they’re not good enough?
  • The reason successful people are still plagued with this disempowering mindset
  • Letting go of the stories we carried from our childhood into adulthood
  • The stories we create about ourselves today that hold us back, and how to stop doing that
  • The 3 A’s for changing your story
  • Actionable tips for overcoming imposter syndrome

Nina has a great freebie for you called the Millionaire Mindset Scorecard.  I’ll put a link below so you’re sure to get that.


Quote from this Show

“Stay in your own business.” – Nina Cooke


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About Nina

Conquering Imposter SyndromeNina Cooke is a Business Mindset Coach helping entrepreneurs to release their deep inner blocks so they can hit that sweet spot of continually growing their impact, income, and downtime.

She also hosts the Entrepreneur’s Inner Game Podcast and has been featured in Forbes, and on BBC Radio.  You can reach out to Nina at to learn more about her and her programs and to get her freebie the Millionaire Mindset Scorecard.

Here’s a link to the Entrepreneur’s Inner Game Podcast.

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