Flipping Houses for Big Profits with Danny JohnsonMy guest today on my podcast “Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing” is Danny Johnson of Flipping Junkie. The topic is flipping houses for big profits.

Today's topic is on  Danny is someone that has built a very successful business flipping houses in San Antonio, TX.  A lot of you probably know him from his popular blog Flipping Junkie. Danny and his wife Melissa have 5 children, and they have been investing in real estate for 10 years.

Danny got a corporate job in computer science when he graduated from college.  Like a lot of other entrepreneurs, he quickly discovered he really didn’t like working for someone else.  His dad was rehabbing houses at that time, and Danny saw how much his dad loved what he was doing.  However, it was tough leaving his good paying job so he invested part-time for about 3 years.

We covered a lot of information in this podcast so grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn.  You can find a sampling of what we covered in the show in the “Show Notes” below.


Show Notes:

  • How Danny got started investing in real estate, and why his corporate job just wasn’t for him
  • Starting out part time
  • The importance of having the right mindset
  • Mentors, accountability partners, and masterminds
  • Investing in yourself through education
  • The importance of mastering a niche before learning another one
  • Marketing; getting creative as well as using tried and true methods
  • Finding a way to standout or be memorable to sellers
  • What do you say right after you make your offer?
  • Leaving the door open if a seller’s “Plan A” doesn’t work out
  • Danny’s #1 source of leads today
  • The importance of follow up
  • Hiring contractor’s right from the beginning and how to get bids quickly and easily
  • Outsourcing do’s and don’ts; getting the work done right
  • Tips for managing multiple rehabs
  • Blogging to build your business and your expert status
  • Danny's advice for new investors


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Part 2.

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Danny’s Blog

Be sure to stop by FlippingJunkie where Danny has some great “freebies” for you.


Guest Post

If you missed Danny’s guest post he did for my blog a few weeks back, you can check that out here. This post is a comprehensive guide on flipping houses for big profits.


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