Luxury Air BNB Investing for Busy Professionals


Luxury Air BNB Investing for Busy Professionals – Episode #405

Today’s topic is a hot one: Luxury Air BNB Investing for busy professionals. My guest is Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh, and she has a wealth of information on this topic. Rachel shares the same strategies she uses in her own business to make top dollar on each one of her 18 short-term rentals. In this show, you will learn how she was able to 15X her income on these short-term rentals over long-term rentals.


Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:42] Opening Segment

  • Rachel's inspiring journey to financial freedom
    • A luxury Airbnb and short-term rental real estate investor
  • How Rachel and her husband changed their lifestyle to support their goals and dreams
    • Investing in luxury Airbnb and short-term rental real estate investments


[07:43 – 15:02] Building a Successful Short-Term Rental Investing Business

  • Airbnb investing was chosen as it had significant returns
    • SOPs, KPIs, and virtual assistants were used to outsource work
  • Networking was key in expanding exponentially
  • How to maximize profits with short-term rentals


[15:03 – 22:54] Leveraging Tax Benefits and Creating Luxury Experiences

  • Why having a mantra can be a game changer
  • Get laser-focused on what you want out of your portfolio
    • Leverage tax benefits such as cost segregation studies and bonus depreciation
  • Put a little bit of lipstick on properties but not full gut rehabs


[22:55 – 29:56] Unlocking the Secrets of Luxury Airbnbs

  • How to generate extra revenue through upsells and amenities
    • Upsells can generate an extra $500-$1000 a month in revenue
  • Make sure to provide what guests are asking for
  • The importance of surveying guests


[29:57 – 37:05] Unlock Opportunities with Surveys and Differentiation Strategies

  • Survey customers to understand what they want and need
  • Differentiate yourself in the business by providing extra services and custom messages
    • Set up an honor system for goods in the store if necessary
  • Why you should include a call to action in your listing


[37:06 – 41:21] Closing Segment

  • Create revenue with additional benefits for guests
  • Look at regulations and markets before investing


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