What's working Now?



What's Working for Me Now?

I had the great pleasure recently of talking about direct mail marketing and what's working now with my friend Lolita Sheriow or “Lo” as everyone calls her. Lo is nothing short of a real estate superstar in Texas. She is one of the most dynamic, passionate entrepreneurs I have come across in a long time. She is a real estate investor, internet marketer, and a motivational speaker to name just a few.

Her blog “REI How To's” has a ton of good information on it, so I encourage you to stop by after you listen to the interview we did. There is a link at the bottom of the page.

I apologize in advance for the dog that was outside my office that barked the entire time (which he does for long periods of time each day). I think of myself as a fairly good problem solver, but that is one problem I have not been able to solve to date (without resorting to violence).

Take a few minutes and listen to the interview. You can listen here.


Be sure to stop by her blog “REI How Tos”.  You can find it here. 



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