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No matter what business you think you’re in, you are really in “sales”. Your ability to sell yourself, your idea, your product or your service will largely determine your success. Think about it for a minute; can you think of a business or service that doesn’t meet this criteria?

In real estate, every time I send out a direct mail piece, place an ad or put out a bandit sign, I am hoping to hear from a motivated seller. When that motivated seller calls I have to convince them that I can help them solve their problem. If I am successful there will be a chance to meet them at the property, and once again I have to take that sales idea a step further and sell them on my offer.  When I have that property under contract I have to decide what I am going to do with it. In my case, I’m a wholesaler so I am usually going to resell it to another investor.

It has been my experience that people hate being “sold to”, but most folks are very open to having someone help them solve their problems. Helping people solve their problems has always been the way I have approached my business and my way of working with these sellers.

The next time you find yourself in this situation take the focus off of yourself; forget about what’s in it for you and simply ask these questions:

-How can I help this person solve their problem?

-What exactly does this person hope to accomplish or gain? The answer may surprise you.

-Is there a solution that will work for both of us?

-If I can’t help this person, who can I refer them to?

Zig Zigler has a saying that you’ve probably heard that pretty much sums everything up. It goes something like this:  You will get all you want in life if you help enough people get what they want. Go help someone and make some money in the process!

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