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I had the opportunity recently to talk real estate with my friend Chris Bruce for his podcast series “Escape the Newbie Zone”. If you haven't had a chance to check out this new series of podcasts, you definitely need to do that and I will put the links below.

Chris started his business in 2009 in Tampa Florida, and it has grown at a phenomenal rate. Not only is Chris a seasoned investor but he is a dad, an author, an internet marketer and a coach. I was honored to be asked to be a guest on his podcast series.


In this Podcast…

In this podcast we will be talking about two of my favorite strategies which are probates and absentee owners, and why I love these strategies so much. I like to call these niches the “Low Hanging Fruit”. Some of the things we will talk about are:

  • How I find these motivated sellers
  • My number one source of leads
  • Niches and lists
  • The importance of follow up
  • Systems for keeping up with the marketing

I will also talk about getting a great deal after 3 years of marketing to one seller.


You can find this podcast here on Chris's site “Escape the Newbie Zone”…

You can also find all of Chris's podcasts over on his iTunes channel here… 

Don't forget to stop by Chris' blog. You will find a lot of great information there as well as tools to grow your business.  You can check it out here…


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