Would you like to grow your business this year with less stress, have more free time, and get more done? Then you are at the right place because I am going to talk about how you do that. We will talk about the importance of looking at “the big picture” and give your business a marketing makeover this year in the process.



I have written before about using a great big wall calendar for marketing. I have always believed that if you have one of these big calendars hanging over your desk that you have to stare at every day, you will “auto-magically” become more productive. If you combine the word automatically with magic, what you get is “auto-magically” which is what I believe happens when you get focused and implement a plan where your marketing happens just like clockwork. When it is scheduled and the steps are written down, it gets done. It’s really just that simple. But….you have to actually follow the plan.


First Step; Get Organized  

Head on over to one of the office supplies stores and get one of those giant wall calendars. Some stores will have a 13 month calendar. If you can find one of these, that’s even better. You can get in the habit of planning everything out beginning with the last two months of this year before the new-year even begins. If you do just this one thing now to get organized, you will be more likely to succeed than if wait until January is here.

Once you have your calendar, it’s time to get started. Before you even write that first thing down, I would suggest that you spend some time really thinking about what you hope to accomplish this year. Look at what you want to achieve in your business, but also think about what you want to achieve personally. Is this the year to finally lose that extra 10 pounds?


Decide What You INTEND To Accomplish in the next 12 months?

Do you want to step up your marketing efforts? If you answered yes, what exactly do you plan to do? Maybe it’s one of these things:

  • Add additional mailings
  • Try using postcards instead of letters
  • Market to another niche or two
  • Join some different professional organizations for networking
  • Write articles
  • Start or expand your own blog
  • Get more involved in your local REIA
  • Create a product or a new service
  • Hire a VA

Whatever it is, write it down. Most any activity or new strategy that you decide to implement in your real estate business will involve steps. It’s important that you identify all of the steps involved for each one of these new things. Once you have created your list, it’s time to start thinking about putting these down on your big calendar. In many cases, you will want to work backwards.

For instance; if your goal is to create an e-book for your website this year, there will be many steps to accomplish this goal start to finish. You will need to break the job down into manageable “chunks”, doing a little bit at a time.

The big thing to I want you to “get” in doing this exercise, is that just simply by writing down the steps and following your plan, you will almost certainly finish the project whatever that is. If you just let this project you dream about live in your mind, it will never get done.



The next step will be to take all of those big activities and decide on a date that they will be completed, and then break them down into steps that you will put on your calendar.


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