Glenn Schworm

I have another successful rehabber on the podcast today to share his wisdom about building a thriving rehabbing business in what folks will tell you has been a challenging environment for real estate investors in recent years.

Glenn Schworm is best described as a serial entrepreneur.  He is the owner of Signature Home Buyers in upstate New York a company that has grown to include 6 employees.  Glenn and his wife Amber have built a successful family owned business that has done almost 200 flips in the past 7 years.  This working couple has a growing family so they are busy people.

Glenn not only shares his wins in this podcast, but he shares how he did everything wrong on his first property which by the way is a property that he still owns today. (Does that story sound familiar?)?  If you are wondering how to scale your rehabbing business up from doing a few deals a year to having a much bigger business, this podcast is one you don’t want to miss.

Show Notes

There is a whole lot of great information in this show.  Some of the things we covered were:

  • About Glenn and how he got started
  • Glenn’s original real estate investing strategy
  • His first deal and how it was far from ideal
  • Building a business with your spouse; what makes their partnership great
  • The reasons your “why” is so important
  • Finding the cash to fund their deals in the early days
  • How to build a wholesaling business with deals you don’t want
  • Working with agents
  • Marketing his wholesale deals on the MLS
  • Marketing to find deals
  • The importance of building relationships in this business
  • The typical turnaround time for his flips
  • Building a team
  • His advice for anyone starting out
  • Books that made a difference to Glenn


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About Glenn

Building a successful rehabbing business

Glenn and his wife Amber are the owners of Signature Home Buyers  located in upstate New York.  They have bought and sold almost 200 houses since beginning in 2008.  They are also the proud parents of 3 amazing kids and love to travel the globe, scuba dive, skydive and basically live life to the fullest!

You can reach out to Glenn through his website Signature Home Buyers or by email at


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