Creative Methods for Finding Deals in Other States

Today's show is with my friend Greg Harris, and we are going to dive into investing, wholesaling and rehabbing houses in other states AKA virtual investing.

Did you ever wonder how someone with an MBA in finance from the University of Oklahoma ended up as a real estate investor? Or how receiving a random book in the mail could actually change the course of your life?

My guest today is Greg Harris from Chanute, Kansas a small town of about 9500 people.  Not only has he built a successful real estate business, but he is investing, wholesaling and rehabbing houses all over the country. Greg has also built a lifestyle business that allows him the freedom to spend a lot of time enjoying a sport that he loves; softball.

The next time you hear someone from a small town say, “I can’t make money in real estate; I live in a small town”, Greg is here to prove them wrong.  You might have to move out of your comfort zone, but you really can build a successful lifestyle business no matter where you live.


Show Notes

In this show Greg gives us a boat load of practical information. He doesn’t hold anything back.  Here are just some of the things we discussed:

  • What his original career plan was. (You will find this really surprising).
  • Why he didn’t get a corporate job right out of college even though he received some pretty awesome offers
  • How Greg got started even though he lived in a small town without a lot of opportunities in real estate investing
  • Finding his first deal using Craig’s List
  • The real estate investing strategy Greg got started with
  • Living in a non-disclosure state means you cannot do direct mail.  How Greg refused to let this hold him back.
  • How he is investing, wholesaling and rehabbing houses in other states without ever looking at the property
  • The process for managing rehabs from other states
  • Buying HUD houses and large packages of houses
  • Why good systems are the secret to his success
  • What strategies Greg pursues in his business today


Greg also has some advice for folks just getting started today. 

I asked him what it really takes for someone to be successful in this business today, and what steps he would recommend folks take immediately to get started in this business.  Greg has some really good advice for folks just getting started.

If you think wholesaling and rehabbing houses outside of your area might be for you, be sure to tune in to this podcast.


Final Thoughts

I want to thank Greg Harris for giving us a front row seat into how he has managed to set up a successful lifestyle business that allows him the freedom to purse something he really loves; softball.

If you have any questions or comments for Greg you can post them here and we will get you an answer.


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