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My reader question today is, “Can I really get started in real estate investing if I don't have a lot of cash”?

The answer is absolutely!  You can do that by wholesaling houses. Wholesaling is one of my favorite strategies.



You Really Don't Need any Cash!

You can get started in this business without any cash at all.

Is it easier if you have cash in your pocket? You bet it is.  But you can get started with little or no money of your own.

In almost every case the day will come (sooner rather than later) that you will need some money for marketing whether that is for direct mail, for buying bandit signs or for a website. Speaking of websites I have a great affordable solution for you.  I will put that link at the bottom of the page.

Once you close your first deal, you will have money for marketing going forward.  When you have that first closing you will want to put some if not all of that cash aside for future marketing.  Your business will grow faster and your will make more money sooner if you reinvest all the cash from your first few deals back into marketing.  It’s the compound effect.


What’s the Best No Money Strategy?

Hands down that would be wholesaling.  With wholesaling you can get started with little or none of your own money, and you can earn big chunks of cash wholesaling houses.  You can put the property under contract and double close with your end buyer and their cash they bring to closing.

In this short video you will get some tips for a couple of other low or no money strategies like lease options and buying property “subject to” the current mortgage.

Need a Website?

Here is a great website resource for you.  Just Click Here ……   

I have also written about these websites previously.  You can read about them here “Carrot Review”.


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