How to buy over 100 houses with Holly McKhann

Today’s show is one I know you’re going to love. My guest is Holly McKhann AKA “Hard Hat Holly” from southern California, and she is going to share how she managed to buy 100+ houses just by networking. Holly is a very successful rehabber. She is also a Realtor and the mom of 4.

I think networking is one of the most overlooked avenues for finding good deals. You’re going to get some tips from Holly today on how to be a better networker so you spend less money on things like direct mail.


 Show Notes

    • How to buy 100+ houses just through networking
    • Finding money for your deals through networking
    • How hedge funds changed her business
    • Tips for making your networking efforts a win-win for everyone
    • Getting an agent on your team
    • Lifestyle networking – what it is and how to use it
    • Buying a house worth $1000 per square foot just with networking
    • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
    • Attending other non-real estate investing groups for networking
    • Telling people “what’s in it for them” to get them on your side
    • Using Facebook live to find deals and market yourselves
    • Tips for networking if you are introverted
    • How helping someone else will also get you business
    • Easy follow up tips and ways to be memorable


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About Holly

Holly McKhann

Holly McKhann is an investor from Southern California. She is both an agent and an entrepreneur in the fix and flip market so she knows both sides of the transaction. Since 2006 she has been involved in over 400 transactions, primarily of single family homes.   Holly has a BS degree in accounting, an MBA in finance, and is a former CPA.

You can reach out to Holly on her website Hard Hat Holly.

Be sure to check out her podcast “Secrets to Real Estate Investing” on iTunes.



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