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How to build a big business is a topic that a lot of folks want to hear about.  Today's podcast is all about how to wholesale 100 houses a year.  You would like to know how to do that, right?

I’m sorry to say, there really isn’t a template or a magic formula to achieve this.  But it can be done and if you want take the time to nail this process, today you can actually learn how to wholesale 100 houses or more in a year.  (If your number is 40 or 50 that's OK too.)

I can tell you this for sure; looking at the folks I’ve interviewed that have actually created this type of business they all had a couple of things in common.

First of all they realized in order to grow a big business they couldn’t be a “one man show”.  They also knew they needed two things; systems and the right people. So I guess in a way, there is a magic formula.

I have a fascinating interview with Andy McFarland the owner of Treehouse Investments for today's podcast.   Even if your goal isn't to build a business that involves flipping or wholesaling 100 houses or more a year, you can use these principles to grow your own business to whatever size is right for you.  After all, that is the beauty of real estate; you can always “do it your way”.  So let's dive in and let Andy show us how to wholesale 100 houses in a year.


Show Notes

Here are some of the things we talked about:

  • The book that changed his thinking
  • How getting fired set him up for success
  • Andy’s 1st deal (surprise; he made $40,000)
  • Volume Wholesaling
  • How he ended up with several different investing strategies
  • Why he is successful as a private money lender
  • The biggest and most profitable rehab Andy ever did ($187,000 net profit)
  • Why putting sellers first helps you grow a big business organically
  • Andy’s screening process for motivated sellers
  • How Andy started to scale his business; the first piece of the puzzle
  • Scaling up his marketing
  • The types of marketing he does
  • Why Andy loves video for his business
  • Creating systems for your business
  • Mindset
  • How you can get his “freebie”


You Can Listen to the Podcast Here

Part 1:

[podcast title=”How to Wholesale 100 Houses a Year with Andy McFarland”][/podcast]

Part 2:

[podcast title=”How to Wholesale 100 Houses a Year with Andy McFarland”][/podcast]


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Let's talk real estate investingAbout Andy

Andy is a husband, a dad and he has built a successful real estate investing business. He has volume wholesaling business, rehabs properties and he is a private lender.  In fact there is not too much that Andy doesn’t do.

Andy also has an awesome blog where he tells real estate stories called “I Love Real Estate Stories” so be sure to check that out.


Get Your Freebie

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