real estate investingLet's face it; you can't grow your business alone.  One of the biggest problems entrepreneurs have is how your bootstrapped company can hire (and pay) employees when they are already cash starved.

You know you need help, but trying to figure out all of the pieces can be overwhelming. In today's podcast Trevor Mauch lays out just how he did it and more importantly just how you can model his plan for your own business.

One thing to remember is that most entrepreneurs started out as “solopreneurs”.  It's pretty common for people to follow that path.  However to keep from completely “crashing and burning” you will eventually need to get some help.  That might be an actual employee or you may outsource in the beginning.  The next logical question that comes to mind is, “Where do I find someone and more importantly how can I afford to pay them”?

That's what today's podcast is all about. How your bootstrapped company can hire (and pay) employees especially those first few critical team members when you feel like you just can't afford it.

Show Notes

Here are a few things in this podcast that will help you with your first or next new hire:

  • The exercise to determine the cost of NOT hiring someone to free up your time
  • Common mistakes to avoid; the cheapest person is rarely the best person for the job
  • Determining your “core genius”; your unique abilities
  • How Trevor slowly built his team
  • Figuring out how to pay people when you feel you can't afford to do it
  • Why you need to focus on getting revenue up first
  • Communicating your vision so you hire the right person
  • Online communities where you can find great people to hire

My thanks to Trevor once again for this exceptional podcast.


Here's the Podcast

[podcast title=”How to Hire and Pay Your First Employees”][/podcast]


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Meet Trevor Mauch

Trevor Mauch - Investor Carrot - OncarrotMost of you know Trevor as the founder of Investor Carrot.  What many of you might not know is that Trevor is a husband, he has 3 small children, he has already built several million dollar businesses.

He is also just an awesome entrepreneur that has the same struggles as everyone else. If you want to grow your business the next 12 months and overcome some of your own challenges, he’s one of the folks you should be paying attention to.


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