increasing profits in your rental business

Are you interested in increasing profits in your rental business?  If that sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.

My guest today is Nathan Miller the founder of Rentec Direct.  Rentec Direct is a cloud-based software company that services and works with over 14,000 landlords. Nathan is an investor himself, so he understands the needs of landlords and property managers. The information in this show can be a real game changer for your business no matter what the size of your business is.


Show Notes

  • How Nathan combined real estate investing with building a software business
  • Trying to do things the hard way (without software)
  • Where does someone start when choosing property management software?
  • Finding something affordable AND easy to use
  • Should a brand-new landlord with just a property or two use property management software?
  • How does someone that has no systems or software, integrate AKA modernize their existing properties into an online system?  Is there help for this process?
  • What happens when you get someone that has run their entire business using something like QuickBooks, wants to use an online system to run their business?
  • What makes Rentec Direct a good fit for new or small investors?
  • Nathan’s final advice for investors (old and new)


Here's Your Video – Increasing Profits in Your Rental Business with Nathan Miller


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About Nathan Miller

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Aside from being a landlord and real estate investor himself, Nathan founded Rentec Direct in 2009 which is a cloud-based software company that services landlords and the property management industry.  Today they work with over 14,000 landlords and property managers in the US by providing them automation software and education to effectively and efficiently manage their rentals. You can reach out to Nathan at Rentec Direct.


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