Amanda vander Gulik

Amanda vander Gulik

I have a another great interview for you today from someone I think you will find very interesing. Her name is Amanda vander Gulik, and she is an entrepreneur that has started 3 businesses to date.

Amanda's first business had to do with something she loved; cake decorating. Subsequently she started a real estate investing company, and you will hear all about how she managing rentals in another country.   Her third business has to do with something that is near and dear to my heart; “Teaching Children About Money”.  Amanda also home schools her children and that has given them great freedom to travel and have experiences that otherwise wouldn't be possible.  Like so many of the wonderful people I have me and gotten to know, we met online through another business.

Amanda has done what a lot of us talk about doing, and that is she has very purposefully designed her life and her lifestyle to be exactly what she wants it to be.

Amanda lived in New Zealand for a number of years before returning to Canada which is the place she was originally from. We didn't talk about this in the interview, but I happen to know that she also performs in plays in her community along with her daughter.

I know I certainly find it intriguing that she still has buy and hold real estate in New Zealand while living in Can


Listen in here to Amanda's Interview.


After listening to the interview, please stop by Amanda's sites:

*Teaching Children About Money

*Fun Cake Decorating Ideas

*Remembering Candy  is a book Amanda's kids put together when they lost their family pet.***

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