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My guest on today’s podcast is Jeff Kowalczuk.  Jeff is a full time real estate investor from Columbus, Ohio that has done several hundred deals since he opened his company in 2007. The really amazing thing is that he has managed to do all of this and he's not yet 30.

In the past couple of years Jeff has taken some giant leaps when it comes to growing his business, and that’s what I want to talk about today.  How you can can implement some of these same tips for scaling a business in your own real estate investing business.

I want everyone to see first hand how taking consistent focused action year after year put him in exactly the right spot when opportunity showed up on his doorstep. When Jeff crossed paths with hedge funds on two separate occasions his life changed forever. These two events helped to skyrocket his business growth and his success.


Show Notes

Here's just a sample of what we cover in this show:

  • How Jeff always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur
  • The books he started reading as a teenager that put him on this path in real estate investing
  • How he got started (it wasn’t a bed or roses)
  • His struggles in the early years in his business
  • How he went from having a small business doing a few deals a year, to building a business that wholesaled 100+ houses a couple of years
  • Tips for scaling a business
  • The one thing he did that changed the course of his business and his life
  • How partners can help you grow your business fast
  • Buying already rehabbed properties from a hedge fund for pennies on the dollar
  • Selling turkey properties to a start-up hedge fund a few years later that changed everything and secured his future


This is a great podcast that really solidifies what I have already said; if you do the work consistently, you will be ready when opportunity comes along.

Luck happens when hard work meets opportunity


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