Landlording on AutopilotIf you're a landlord or you are thinking about being a landlord down the line, you're going to want to pick up a copy of Mike Butler's book “Landlording on Autopilot”.

This book originally published in 2011, has been newly revised and updated.  Landlording on Autopilot is the gold standard when it comes to learning how to build a profitable buy and hold business. And here's the big thing. You can do it all from your smartphone.

Landlording on Autopilot is a simple no-brainer system for higher profits, less work and more fun. You will find a complete system for building and managing a portfolio of rentals in Mike's book.

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Everyone knows rental property is the one of the best ways on the planet to build long term wealth.  Even though the model is pretty simple; buy a house, rent it out, and let your tenants pay for the property over time, it's not easy. That's why so many people fail at this business. They just don't have the education you need for this business.  If you pick up a copy of Landlording on Autopilot, learn the principles in the book, and implement what you learn, you CAN build a profitable business.

How Many Rental Houses Do You Need?

Well, that depends. 

Here's the question you need to be able to answer. How many paid off houses will net you the income to live the life you want to live in retirement? For most people that number is about 10.  10 paid off houses; not 100.  By following the principles in Mike's book, you can achieve this with a whole lot less hassle and stress.


What You Can Expect to Learn in this Book?

Section 1 is all about mindset, and the basics. You must know the basics, and that's what you will learn in the first 5 chapters.

Section 2 is titled “Before You Give the Keys to Your new Tenant”.  You will learn good business practices in this section. You'll learn how set up your business so you never have to show another vacant unit, everything you need to know about qualifying tenants, and systems to get your tenants moved in to your properties.

In Section 3 you will learn how to set up your business so it is 100% digital.  This is the thing that will save your sanity. Modern landlords run their businesses online.

Section 4 will teach you how to maximize your income and your profits.  I love this chapter because it's includes marketing principles, and he points out it's marketing not advertising that makes things happen.  You will also find information on legal aspects of this business, how to stay safe, insurance and so much more. This section is on the business side of landlording.

You will also have access to forms to run your business as a bonus.


Get the New Book – Landlording on Autopilot

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Creating Systems for Your Business – Mike's Podcast

I did an awesome podcast with Mike Butler a while back on creating systems for your business.  This is something that Mike is really good at. Do yourself a favor and listen to this show.   You can click here to listen to it and get the show notes.


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