95 % of all real estate investors fail


Why 95% of all Real Estate Investors Fail with Rufus Thibodeaux – Episode #404

95% of all real estate investors fail. So, what is it that determines whether you succeed or fail in this business?

Marketing will likely determine the success or failure of your REI business so I’m excited to dive into this topic today. My guest today is Rufus Thibodeaux. Rufus is known as “The REI Marketing Guy”. He is a real estate investing marketing expert with 29 years of experience, and he has generated over $350 million in sales for himself and his clients.

Rufus is on a mission to lower the failure rate of real estate investors which is a staggering 95%, and that’s what we are going to talk about today. Why do 95% of all real estate investors fail?


Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 06:53] Opening Segment

  • Rufus' background in real estate investing as a marketing expert
    • An overview of why 95% of all real estate investors fail
  • The importance of words and copywriting
  • Rufus' insights about cold calling and how it positions you as an annoying pest


[06:54 – 13:35] Stand Out From the Crowd

  • How cold calling and door knocking are effective, but a painful process
  • Take the time to understand what makes you unique
    • Different is better than better when it comes to marketing
  • Building your brand and uniqueness is key to success


[13:36 – 20:22] Differentiate Yourself with Effective Marketing Strategies

  • Positioning and brand can make a product or service appealing to most people
    • Direct response marketing can help become a “big fish in a small pond”
  • Marketing and selling should be connected to maximize effectiveness
  • Why problem/solution method should be used when offering services


[20:23 – 26:43] Become an Expert in Real Estate Investing

  • Do research to figure out where your people hang out
  • Networking is an underrated form of marketing
  • Content marketing is crucial to get known as an expert
    • Lead generation websites are important


[26:44 – 32:12] Closing Segment

  • Mastermind groups with noncompetitors are valuable
    • Competing on price is not the way to go


Want to connect with Rufus? Follow him on Facebook and YouTube. Make sure to visit The REI Marketing Guy!


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