real estate investing podcastMy guest for today’s podcast is someone that most of you will be familiar with, Larry Goins.  Larry has been a nationally recognized face on the real estate investing scene for a long time.  He is an expert in virtual investing, and consistently buys 10-15 houses a month without ever leaving his office.

For a lot of investors, this is a way of doing business that they simply cannot wrap their brains around.  In this interview, Larry manages to get rid of the mystery that surrounds many types of virtual investing strategies including buying HUD homes.

Larry also has a couple of free gifts for everyone that listens to the show today so be sure to check those out.  I will put the links at the bottom of the page.


Show Notes

Here’s just a sample of what we talked about: 

  • How Larry got started; his story
  • The path to his success; it wasn’t a straight line
  • What he finally did differently that made him successful
  • The importance of technology in his business and how you can use it to cherry pick deals
  • Larry’s 9 step system that anyone can use in their business
  • Finding deals both online and offline
  • Analyzing deals
  • Negotiation Tips
  • How Larry structures his contracts
  • Handling inspections in other states
  • Finding folks to help with the due diligence process
  • Why automation is crucial for building a successful business
  • Putting it together; buying HUD homes half off


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Larry's Special Offers

Larry has a couple of things for you.  One is free digital copy of his book “HUD Homes Half Off”,  and his free property analyzer.   You can get those  by clicking on the links below:

Click Here for Your “Free Property Analyzer”

 Click Here for “HUD Homes Half Off      HUD Homes Half off



About Larry Goins

Larry Goins
Larry Goins has been investing in Real Estate for over 20 years.  He is a two term past president of the Metrolina  Real Estate Investors Association in Charlotte, NC. Larry is also a much sought after speaker and trainer for REIA groups around the country where he teaches the same strategies to others that he uses in his own business.
Between speaking engagements and mentoring other Investors, he oversees the daily operations of Investors Rehab, Inc.   Investors Rehab, Inc. is a real estate investment company that buys and wholesales 10-15 properties per month to other investors.


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