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Lead generation comes down to one thing; learning how to create marketing that works.  The marketing strategies will vary from person to person and business to business, but the same principles apply to everyone.

People are in a hurry today. The digital world has made information readily available no matter what business you’re in. So, how do you cut through the clutter with YOUR marketing?

I have some tips for you that if you implement them, will be guaranteed to get people’s attention.


Tip #1: Make Your Written Content Scannable

Understand that you have to grab people’s attention quickly. If you’re creating written content like articles or blog posts, make your content “scannable”.  People will scan your content to see if it is something they’re going to spend their most precious commodity on – their time.  Use sub-titles wisely so that they will read the entire article.


Tip #2: Get to the Point Quickly

You have a very short time before someone decides to consume your content or move on. In the case of a letter or postcard, it’s especially important to get to the point quickly.

How can you solve their problem? They really only want to know one thing. What’s in it for them? There should be no more than a sentence or two at most about you and your company.  (Bonus tip: they really don’t care). They can find out more about you on your website, but your letter or postcard is valuable real estate so use it wisely.


Tip #3: Don’t Confuse Sellers with Too Many Options

Focus on one thing; how you can help them move on from whatever mess they are in whether it’s an unwanted house they have inherited, an impending foreclosure, a tired landlord that just wants to be done or whatever the problem is.

Focus on the solution you can provide. They already understand their problem.


Tip #4: Have a Clear CTA (call to action)

Don’t assume that they know what the next steps are. In most cases it will be contact us to see how we can solve your problem quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

I have some examples in the show for you.


Tip #5: It’s all About the Presentation

The way you deliver your content is important. Remember that people want fast information. They will decide quickly if you are the person they might be interested in working with. This is one reason that postcards are so effective as marketing pieces. There is nothing to open, you can get right to the point, and they can learn more when they go to your website – which by the way should be on every marketing piece you have. Put your website URL on everything. They will check you out online, so you want to be easy to find. And you want to be in charge of what they learn.


Tip #6: Your Homepage on Your Website

Your real first impression in almost every case will be determined by your website.  What they learn should cause them to take the next steps, which would be to contact you.  There should be multiple ways for folks to get in touch with you, (we’re back to your CTA). I talk about this a little more in the show. Some of those ways would be by filling out the contact form on your site, by phone, and by email.

You want to give them options so that it’s easy for them to take the next step.


Tip #7: Use Social Media to Get the Word Out About Your Business

Social media is very effective for getting the word out about your business. It’s great for creating that “know, like and trust” when it comes to your brand and the services you provide. There are billions of people using social media, so it’s pretty easy to target “your tribe” especially on Facebook.


Tip #8: Final Tips on How to Create Marketing that Works

Check out the podcast for the rest of the easy to implement tips on lead generation and how to create marketing that works. These bonus tips will take your marketing up another notch if you implement them.


In Conclusion

Marketing is a long-term strategy that encompasses many different marketing strategies.  Your content doesn’t have to be written content. You can use pictures, videos, networking, speaking and so many more strategies that work for you, your personality and your business.

What is your marketing superpower?


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