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Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors with Bryan Driscoll

Today we are diving into digital marketing strategies and how they can help you generate leads for your real estate investing business. For many entrepreneurs, adding digital marketing strategies to your business can be a bit intimidating in the beginning. However, today’s guest Bryan Driscoll is here to simplify this for you. If digital marketing is something you don’t want to tackle yourself, he’s here to help.

Bryan is a real estate investor as well as a digital marketing and SEO expert. He is the Co-Founder of Motivated Leads which is a digital marketing agency that helps real estate investors expand their portfolios quickly by generating quality motivated seller leads.


Show Notes:

This is a great show if you want some actionable tips for generating leads online.  As a bonus, you’re going to get a million-dollar tip in this show that will greatly change your response rates for your marketing, and it won’t cost you a dime.  All you need to do is implement it!

  • Bryan’s unlikely path into real estate investing
  • How Bryan took his knowledge of SEO and his business partner’s expertise with Facebook Ads to build a profitable lead generation company, Motivated Leads
  • Using his desire to help other real estate investors have the same success he was having led to the creation of his own business
  • Adding digital marketing strategies to your own business
  • The type of leads Motivated Leads generates
  • Leads vs deals; the data tell the whole story when you track your numbers
  • Adding a calendar link to your motivated seller texts
  • Key pointers for generating motivated seller leads using Facebook ads
  • Tips for building successful partnerships and the one thing you need to look at closely when choosing a partner
  • What makes their business different from all the other businesses providing the same services
  • How much you should budget for Facebook ads when you’re just starting out
  • Bryan’s final advice for anyone interested in adding these strategies to your own business


Want to Get in Touch with Bryan?

Reach out to Bryan to learn more about how he can help you through his website, Motivated Leads, or by sending him an email at


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