real estate investingToday I want to talk about investing in land.  My guest for this show is Mark Podolsky who is better known as “The Land Geek”.

Mark is from Scottsdale Arizona so it's safe to say he's not shoveling snow today like a whole lot of folks are.

I find this investing strategy fascinating for several reasons; there are no tenants, no toilets, no rehabs and you can get started with very little money.

Sound interesting?  Well it is.

Grab a cup of coffee and take a little break today while you learn how to create a nice monthly passive income stream without any tenants.


Show Notes

  • About Mark
  • Why Mark choose land as his investing strategy
  • Why he never invested in houses
  • Marketing
  • Where you find land you can buy for pennies on the dollar
  • Once you’ve found a killer deal, where do you find a buyer?
  • Who has a “lust for land”?
  • The million dollar question; are there “hot markets for land”?
  • What the best way to do it; assignment or double closing?
  • Why land is perfect for creative financing strategies
  • How you create passive income with land
  • Websites for land investors


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 About Mark

The land geekBe sure to stop by Mark’s site and check out his awesome podcasts.  He's a very entertaining guy.  He has a second podcast you're going to want to check out called “The Best Passive Income Model” which you can find on the Land Geek Site.

Mark has a freebie for you I'm sure you're going to want called  the “Land Investing Blueprint“.  You can get that by CLICKING HERE….

If you want to learn how you too can create steady streams of passive income, be sure to check out Mark's incredible program “The Land Geek Investors Toolkit”. 


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