Negotiation and the Art of Conversation

Negotiation is something that trips a lot of investors up, but in all reality its all about having a conversation.

Today's podcast is short but the topic is powerful.  It's about negotiation and the art of conversation and how those two things are tied together.


Today's Show; Negotiation and the Art of Conversation

Real estate investors that do a lot of deals are good talkers; they are good at having conversations.

Here's the funny thing.  I've noticed that many times they don't see this as one of their skills.  They think other people have it, but don't see this in themselves.

In today's show the topic is just how these two things are tied together; negotiation and the art of conversation.  If you get good at having conversations with motivated sellers, you will get better and better at negotiation.


You Can Listen to the Show Here

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