Scott Costello Investing Part-time

My guest for today’s show is Scott Costello from the Struggling Investor.  Scott is a part-time wholesaler, he has a full time job, and he and his wife added an adorable son to their family a couple of years ago.  This guy is spread pretty thin but he still committed to investing part-time.

Scott has chronicled his real estate investing journey on his Struggling Investor Blog right from the beginning.   He talks about his struggles, the challenges he’s had along the way and how he overcame each one of those obstacles.

He also shares tips and strategies he uses to invest part-time on a limited budget. If you are new at real estate investing and you feel like you’re treading water most of the time, I think you will find inspiration from Scott’s story.


Show Notes:

  • How Scott got started investing in real estate
  • What is full time career is and how this allowed him to develop SI Lead Manager
  • His main investing strategy and why he chose that particular one
  • Working with a partner; how it has helped grow his business
  • How he found the perfect partner
  • How you decide “who does what” when you have a partner
  • Marketing and lead generation strategies
  • Inbound marketing; having an effective website
  • Direct mail and working with a small marketing budget
  • What investors can do to market their businesses if they don’t have a lot of money
  • No cost or low cost strategies
  • Investing part-time; starting from “where you are with what you have”
  • Scott's first deal
  • How long it took him to get his second deal
  • Follow up systems

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About Scott

Scott Costello is an active wholesaler with limited funds, a full time job and a growing family.  He is the founder of where he writes about his experiences in wholesaling real estate in New Jersey. You can follow him on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.Scott Costello – Investing Part-time with Limited Funds

 Be sure to stop by the Struggling Investor and check out Scott’s blog.

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