real estate investingMy guest today is Shaun Reilly from Newton, MA.

Shaun is a very active real estate investor that specializes in wholesaling and rehabbing houses throughout Massachusetts.  He is also a buy and hold landlord, a husband, and is the father of two adorable little girls.

One thing that I find really interesting about Shaun is that he knows how to turn a lead that a lot of investors that won't touch into cash. He has some great stories so I'm sure you are going to really enjoy this podcast.


Show Notes

Here are some of the things we covered in this podcast:

  • How Shaun got started in real estate
  • A familiar story; we all wait too long to take action
  • Starting out as an “accidental landlord”
  • The event that made him a committed full time real estate investor
  • How being a “numbers guy” is a real plus for rehabbing houses
  • Wholesaling; how it fits into his business
  • How being an agent is really helpful to him in his business
  • Marketing
  • Building an online presence and why that is important
  • Why he has added direct mail to his other lead channels
  • The path to building a rehabbing business
  • The advantages of working with general contractors rather than hiring his own subs
  • Hiring and keeping a good general contractor
  • Taking on houses other investors won’t touch to earn big chunks of cash; how the numbers are always the deciding factor when  determining whether to take on a rehabbing project
  • Timelines for rehabs
  • How getting permits might lengthen your timeline
  • Working with agents when you are an agent yourself
  • Shaun’s advice for anyone starting out and things he wishes he would have done sooner or differently


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You Can Listen to the Podcast Here 

Part 1.

[podcast title=”Rehabbing Houses Other Investors Pass On with Shaun Reilly”][/podcast]

Part 2.

[podcast title=”Rehabbing Houses other Investors Pass on with Shaun Reilly”][/podcast]


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Contact Shaun

If you would like to reach out to Shaun you can get in touch with him here at or you can email him at:


ShaunReilly_Online photo-bright (1)About Shaun 

Shaun Reilly is the Co-Owner of Reilly Real Estate, LLC a company that specializes in whole sale and rehab properties throughout Massachusetts.  The company specializes in finding blighted properties at discount prices and rehabbing them for the retail market.

Shaun has been involved with real estate since 2007 when he and his wife became accidental landlords, but quickly acquired several more rentals.  Shaun went full time in 2010 when his former employer decided he no longer needed to work there and he agreed!

Since 2011 he has been focusing mostly on local rehabs and building his rental portfolio both locally and out of state.

Shaun resides in Newton, MA with his wife and two young daughters.


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