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Today we’re going to dive into the smart way to build a wholesaling business.

My guest is Indianapolis investor Brett Snodgrass from Simple Wholesaling. Brett is a business man, a husband and a dad. He has built an impressive wholesaling business.  If you've ever thought about wholesaling or how to build a real wholesaling business, this show is for you. You will also learn why Brett chose this strategy.

Show Notes

Here is just some of what we talked about:

  • Starting out as the seller of “things” while he was still in school
  • His early deals with his dad
  • Why he decided to stop rehabbing and moved over to wholesaling and buy and hold
  • Understanding that building a brand was important even when you’re a fairly new business
  • Building a real business
  • How hiring a coach will grow and scale your business faster than ever
  • Why an accountability partner is critical to your success
  • Marketing strategies to build a wholesaling business
  • Direct mail
  • Websites
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone; how networking helps make you successful
  • Reaching out to other wholesalers; how do you make money with them?
  • What do goals and whiteboards have in common?
  • Building a team; the hardest part is letting go of the work
  • Brett’s philosophy: “Our goal is to bring people opportunity.”
  • How wholesalers can make a difference in their communities and in other people’s lives
  • Avoiding these common mistakes
  • The smart way to build a wholesaling business and a culture
  • Book recommendations

I hope you enjoy this show on the smart way to build a wholesaling business.


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Book Recommendations

  • The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
  • Books by Gino Wickman: How to Be a Great Boss, Rocket Fuel, Traction


About Brett

Brrett SnodgrassBrett has been a full time real estate wholesaler for about 10 years in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. He has built a team and a successful business.

Brett has an awesome podcast and a blog so be sure to stop by Simple Wholesaling.  While you're there you can download his free Simple Wholesaling System.



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