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If you’re thinking you need to wait until your small children are a little bigger to flip houses, think again. My guest today is California girl Lauren Hardy and this mom flips houses.  She has 2 small children and she works in two states; California and Tennessee.

Not only is she a full time rehabber, but she’s doing new construction in Nashville.


Show Notes

I love the topic today. This mom flips houses so let’s find out how she does it.  Here are a few of the things we talked about in this show.

  • How coming from a real estate family helped her
  • Why she chose to flip houses as her investing strategy
  • Tips for building a business with small children at home
  • Marketing – where she finds her deals
  • How Lauren branched out when finding deals in her own backyard got tougher
  • Making the decision to invest in new construction in Nashville
  • The one person she added to her team that makes the new construction process much easier
  • Investing in her education; why she continues to do this
  • Lauren’s biggest challenge
  • Finding your focus in busy world
  • What she loves most about being an entrepreneur

If you’re having trouble finding your focus, whether you have small children or not, this mom flips houses is a great podcast so be sure to check it out.

Be sure to reach out to Lauren if you have any questions. You can find her on Facebook at Lauren Hardy and on Instagram at “This Mom Flips”


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About Lauren

Lauren is flipping houses the busy mom of two girls and a full time real estate investor in Southern California and Nashville. Lauren is a rehabber that has recently decided to add new construction as one of her investing strategies.

Lauren has a “People First” approach to business. She founded Hardy Real Estate Investments, LLC in 2012 with a mission to always operate with the highest degree of integrity and a devotion to taking care of her clients and making the stressful process of selling a home a hassle-free as possible.

If you have a house to sell contact Lauren at


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