Buyer's list VS the MLS

"I don't care; I just want the cash".


I am a big fan of just being able to call up one of the folks on my buyers list when I have a property to sell, and knowing that I will get it sold quickly. Yes, it's the easy way if you are lucky to have a good buyer's list, but I don't see a problem with that.

Someone even made the comment the other day that my way was the “lazy way”.  A real estate investor in another state recently told me that they always closed on the properties and then listed them on the MLS. They went on to say that they almost always got more money for the house.  “After all, there are a fair amount of brand new investors that hire an agent to find them a property. And, most of these brand new investors don't really know what a good deal is.”

Unless this is a property that doesn't need a whole lot of work, I really don't see that happening in my area. All of the investor buyers except complete newbies are only going to pay what the property is worth based on the typical formula most investors use, and I don't see myself taking advantage of folks just getting into the business.

Another fellow said that he has good luck listing his wholesale deals on the MLS because he will typically get multiple investors making an offer if it is a really good deal. I can see the pros and cons on both sides of the fence especially in this case. Take a look and let me know what you think.


Do you have a buyer's list or do you list your wholesale deals on the MLS?

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