Today is the first video in a brand new series called “Video Marketing Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs”.  These videos will be short and will contain bite sized chunks of information that you can implement now.

Let’s face it; we can always find things to fill up our day.

But are you doing the right things?  Are these things revenue generating activities?

Are you concentrating on what is really important for growing your business, or do you find yourself spending time on Facebook, Twitter, trolling the internet and deciding what color to paint the living room?   If this sounds like you, it’s time to stop!


What Are the “Right Things”?

Have you asked yourself that question lately?

For every real estate investor the answer is marketing.  Marketing should be the one thing you never put on the back burner.  Without a steady stream of leads you won’t have any deals.  And deals are what bring us cash in our pockets.

That’s what we are in this business for isn’t it?  To make money.


Video Marketing Tips Inside

  • How much time you should devote to marketing every week to build a business
  • Time vs. money; deciding which currency you have more of to invest in your business
  • Figuring out how to get it all done
  • Breaking it all down into manageable tasks
  • The importance of scheduling


The Secret


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