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There has always been a great debate among real estate investors about whether to find a house to wholesale and then try to rustle up a buyer, or whether to build a buyer's list before you find that first deal.  Seasoned real estate investors all seem to have a different opinion on this subject.

I personally think that if you spend a year or two trying to build your buyer's list before you snag your first property, it can become an excuse that prevents you from taking that leap from standing on the sidelines, to actually investing in real estate.

I can tell you that's what I did. I found my first house before I had a strong buyer's list, and I went directly to my REIA group to find a buyer.  If you haven't already started building your buyer's list, don't let that stop you from finding your first deal.  If it's really a good deal, I can promise you that you will find a buyer.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't be building your buyer's list right from day one.


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