real estate investing podcastToday we’re going to talk about the difference between birddogging and wholesaling, and why birddogging is a great way to transition into wholesaling.

I’m happy to have Marcus Maloney back on the show to dive into this topic. Marcus is a 3rd generation real estate investor that moved across the country and had to start all over in a new area. This is definitely an interesting story about starting over.


Show Notes

Here is some of what you will learn in this podcast.

  • What is birddogging?
  • What’s the difference in birddogging and wholesaling?
  • How can someone get started if they are brand, spanking new?
  • How can birddogging help someone get started in real estate investing?
  • Are there different types of birddogs?
  • How does a birddog find deals?  (Look for a great tip here)
  • If you’re an investor, how do you find people to birddog for you?
  • What are the benefits for someone who starts out birddogging rather than wholesaling?
  • Why birddogging is a great way to learn real estate investing
  • How does someone transition from a birddog to a wholesaler?

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Final Thoughts

I would love to hear about your experiences using birddogs (good or bad).  Leave those in the comments below.

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About Marcus

Marcus MaloneyMarcus E. Maloney is a Real Estate Investment Strategist that has an eye for real estate oriented solutions.  As the Founder and Principle of 3rd Generation Mgmt & Holding LLC, the firm has done and assisted with an innumerable amount of real estate transactions. Marcus holds a Master of Business Administration; which provides him a proper knowledge and understanding of business applications and practices. As a philanthropic effort Mr. Maloney also has assisted with the development of State licensed facilities that acquire property for transitioning youth.

You can find Marcus by following him:

Don’t forget to stop by his blog, where you can pick up his new birddogging book called “The Birddog Bible”.


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