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Today's podcast is number 100, and this is one show I have really been looking forward to doing for a while.

When I thought about what this show should be about, I started to really focus on all the things I learned throughout this 2 year process.  I had so many experts on the show it would be impossible to cover everything I've learned from them.  So today I'm going to tell you 20 things I learned from doing 100 podcasts.


There is No One Way to Do this Business

Looking back over time, one thing really stands out.  And that is there is no one way to do this business.  Even though every investor is using one or more of the 3 basic investing strategies, their businesses are all very different.

It's really eye opening to talk to folks that do what you do, and see just how differently they do it.  Another thing that was really interesting was looking at what made some real  estate investors “super successful”. Those people that had grown big businesses all had one thing in common.  They had created systems. They stopped trying to do everything themselves.  Some had added staff members, while other ones outsourced the things they didn't want to do.

The  20 things I've learned I'm sharing with you today are really just the tip of the iceberg.

I hope you enjoy this show.


You Can Listen to the Podcast Here

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