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The first quarter of this year is almost over. So let me ask you a question; how is your real estate investing business doing? Are you on track to meet your goals or have you gotten a little off course?  For a lot of people they will readily admit they are at least a little off course. Other people will tell you that they don’t even know where the course is.


We would all like to think that we can accomplish a dozen big goals in one year. But in reality, it’s almost impossible to do that. It is especially difficult if you have family obligations, and you are at least trying to achieve some balance in your life. I’m the first one to admit that finding balance is a challenge for me.


What Can You Do To Get Back On Track?

I have a simple formula for you to follow in your real estate investing business. I call it my“8 Steps to Success Formula” and it goes something like this:

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Choose Your Big Three

The first thing is to look back at your goals. Take out that big list and ask yourself if there were there just too many things on that list.  Maybe it’s time to narrow your focus.

Choose 3 big goals and make those your primary focus for the rest of the year. If you accomplish those before the year is over, then go back and pick another goal. But for now, just concentrate on 3.

Take 5 Steps Every Day

Once you have your big three, it’s time to decide put focused effort into getting there.

What I want you do each night before you leave the office is make a plan for the next day. I want you to choose 5 steps you will take tomorrow that are directly related to achieving your goals.  Just ask yourself; “what are the 5 steps I can take or the 5 things I can do that that are directly tied to achieving my goals.


The Finish Line Is In Sight…

If you spend the next 9 months following this “8 Steps to Success Formula”, it will take those big goals and chop them up into bite sized chunks that you will be able to tackle and accomplish without feeling so overwhelmed.

As Brian Tracy says in his book, “Eat That Frog”, “tackle the most challenging task of your day and you will become a power house of productivity.” If you haven’t read his book I highly recommend it.


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