As we head into the last quarter of this year, many of us are looking at whether or not we have met our goals this year for our life and in our business. For me personally, I managed to complete a lot of the goals I was striving for. And like most folks, there are some areas that I just haven’t managed to get everything done that I set out to do. Rather than to focus on the things that are still not completed (after all I do have about 2 ½ months left in the year), I would like to go over some of the points that I feel are important stepping stones to achieving both your goals and your dreams.

First, you must have a clear vision of what you want. Dream it every day! Focus on the details. Don’t let your negative self talk discourage you and don’t put any limits on what you want. Think big! And then, think bigger! Remember, the sky is the limit when you really believe that you can accomplish anything.

This brings me to the second point. All dreams start deep in your heart and in your mind. Every great invention or idea began in the mind of one person. Your dream should be big; it should seem to be beyond your current capabilities. But it must also be believable. For instance, if you are not already a runner, it would not be believable that you could run a marathon next week. But if you were to train and set your goal to run this same marathon 12 months from now, that would be an achievable goal even though it might seem to be an almost impossible challenge today.

You have to make your dream so big that it is larger than your fear. If your dream fits neatly into your comfort zone, then it is not big enough. On those days that are sure to crop up from time to time when fear starts to creep in, you won’t be overwhelmed by your fear if you are heading toward a really awesome goal or dream. All great achievers will tell you that they “feel the fear and walk through it anyway”. That is what separates those folks from rest.

Next, see your dream and your goals as already having been accomplished. Take time every day to visualize your life as if all these things are already part of your life. How will you feel? What will your business and your home look like? Will you have more free time for personal activities? What is your vision for your health? Whatever it is that you desire, you must hold a strong picture of it in your mind and you must be able to “feel” what having those things will be like.

Create a vision board and sit it on your desk or other place where you will see it every day. This will help you focus on your goals and your dream and keep that strong picture in your mind. Put your “soul sentence” at the top of your vision board. Your personal soul sentence should reflect your values and your desires for your life. My soul sentence reads something like this: “I want to live a peaceful, happy, debt free life whereby I can help others and achieve financial abundance and financial freedom at the same time”.

Finally, every dream must have a plan and you have to work that plan. Having a grand vision alone is not enough. You have to have a strategy for achieving that dream. Break it down into small, achievable steps and work on it every day. If you do this consistently you will eventually achieve your dream. While the rest of the world is sitting on the couch watching TV, achievers are working on their goal of achieving their dream.

I have a favorite quote taped to my computer. I don’t know where it is from but I read it every day. It goes something like this; “If you are willing to do what most people won’t do for the next couple of years, you can have what most people won’t have for the rest of your life”. This quote pretty much sums up how to accomplish your goals and reach your “wildest dreams”.

If you have been struggling with achieving your goals and your dreams, begin to look at this process with “new eyes”. I believe that like most everything else worth striving for, this too has to be done in steps. Forget about what has happened in the past and begin to move forward. It’s never too late to start taking those small steps toward creating the life you desire. Also, don’t keep your dream to yourself. Let those close to you share in your vision. They will be your best cheerleaders when you hit a rough patch.

By the way, remember not to wait until you have reached your goals and are living your dream to find the joy in each day. Enjoy the journey and the small rewards that will come along as you move closer and closer toward your dream. Remember, achieving your dream is not just a destination. It is a journey to be savored!

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