Today I want to talk about something that will change your business, and that is adopting the mindset of an entrepreneur.

Adopting the mindset of an entrepreneur means you must let go of the employee mindset, and that can be easier said than done. Our brains become accustomed to performing in a certain way. It’s not easy to tell it, “Hey, I’m done with the old way of doing things; this is the new way”. But that’s exactly what we need to do to make big sweeping changes.


Life Changing Experiences

I just got back from attending a 3-day conference in Orlando that had about 800 people excited to learn. I had a great time, and the weather was just beautiful. But something happened during this 3-days and that’s what I want to talk about today.

Did you ever attend an event where you realized that it was destined to be life changing for you? I suspect that most of the time that answer is no. The conference might be good or even great, but life changing? What does life changing even look like?

Let me start off my saying this wasn’t a real estate event. Were there real estate investors there? Without a doubt. I had the pleasure of meeting some of them. However, this particular event was about launches. For those of you that know anything about online business, you will know that launches are the way you let people in your tribe know when you have something awesome to offer them. They are simply events that “get the word out”. What I learned at this event was how to serve you better, and how to make all of this happen with less stress, less work, and better results. I learned strategies that anyone can use in their business.


What Does that Have to do with Real Estate Anyway?

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with growing your real estate business. Anyone that has known me for any time at all knows that I am passionate about this business. I am also passionate about teaching others this business.

I create a whole lot of content on my blog, on my podcast “Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing”, and with my videos. This content is designed to help you grow a profitable real estate investing business easier than you could alone. I also have an occasional program or live event to take your learning to another level. All of this is my way of teaching others what I have learned.

One thing that I have learned the hard way is that this business has a way of taking over your life. Think about this for a minute; the reason most of us chose entrepreneurship was to have freedom. No one quit their 9 to 5 job for the purpose of working harder. We wanted more free time and a way to live our best life. In reality, in most cases the opposite has happened. We are working harder than ever. Adopting the mindset of an entrepreneur then building your business around that concept can change your life in so many ways.


My Plan for this Upcoming Year is Two-fold

First of all, I want to create programs and free materials that will help you grow your business faster and easier; information that will help you take your business to the next level. Secondly, I want to do this in a way that allows me to have more time to enjoy freedom in my own life.

You hear folks talking about the daily “grind”, and I’m here to say that is no way for anyone to live their life. I am like a lot of you that were taught that hard work and hustle are the only way to be successful. I watched my parents do that. They worked long hours at the expense of their physical and emotional health. After all, they were taught:

“You have to work long, hard hours to be successful then one day you will be able to retire and enjoy life”.

Is that the story that was handed down to you?


There is Another Way

That doesn't have to be your truth or your story. What I learned at this 3-day conference was that it is entirely possible to do business in a different way. I already knew this on an intellectual level, but believing it at your core is a whole different thing.

Wayne Dyer once said to make big changes,  “You have to learn to suspend all doubt”. You actually need to change the old way of thinking when you decide to adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur.

I know from experience that’s easier said than done. That little voice inside you is saying things like:

  • What are you thinking? That’s not possible.
  • What makes you think you can do that?
  • Nope. That will never work.
  • Hard work is essential for success.
  • Sure; like that will ever happen.

Doubt.  It just keeps on creeping in.


The Challenge; Adopting the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Once you have fixed your mindset, then there are some other steps you need to take to make this happen in your business. You need to set up systems, automations, processes, and better ways of communicating with your tribe. Your tribe is that group of people you are meant to impact; you are meant to help; the people that are “your people”. If you look around you will know who these people are.

How can you begin to adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur and leave the “employee mindset” behind starting now?


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