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I’m excited to tell you what’s been happening behind the scenes here on the blog, and on the podcast “Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing”. And…. it’s all about marketing and branding.

Since I first started blogging around 2010, I have covered pretty much every topic possible on real estate investing.  With over 700 articles, podcasts and videos, I think it’s pretty safe to say I’ve talked about everything including:

  • How to do deals
  • Marketing
  • Negotiation
  • How to talk to sellers
  • Different investing strategies
  • Creative finance
  • How to generate more leads
  • Changing seller’s expectations
  • Forms and letters
  • Video
  • How marketing and branding work together
  • Tools and technology
  • Books and resources
  • And so much more

Going forward, I want to narrow the focus to the two main things that will change your business and put more money in your pocket immediately and those are marketing and branding.


Putting Your Focus on Marketing and Branding will Change Your Business (and Your Life)

Time and time again, folks come to me saying that they know how to do deals, but they have no idea how to take things to the next level.  They know they need to give people a reason to choose them over their competitor, but they have no idea where to start. You do that with consistent marketing and rock solid branding. That’s the secret, and that’s what we’re going to focus on going forward.  I will also throw in some tools, tips and technology that you will find helpful as well as a book review or two.


Why Did You Become an Entrepreneur?

As entrepreneurs, none of us wants to work 12-14 hours a day. That’s not why we decided to become an entrepreneur.  We wanted freedom. We wanted to be in control of our time. We also wanted to be in control of how much money we make.  We want to be the one to decide when we get a raise.

I want you to know this; when you get really good at marketing and you’ve built a rock solid brand, you will make more money.  That will give you the freedom to hire people. When you are able to hire someone to help you with the day to day tasks, that will free you up to work on your business rather than in your business.  That’s where your life begins to change.


We’ve got a Lot of Ground to Cover

There really is a whole lot of ground to cover when it comes to branding.  But when you get this right, it supercharges your marketing.  Every marketing dollar you spend will make you a bigger impact. People will get to know you through your branding which solves the whole “know, like and trust” part of the equation when it comes to your marketing.


Crafting Your Compelling Story

Why is your story so important to your potential customers AKA motivated sellers? It’s important because people don’t always remember your name. But at the end of the day. they will always remember a great story.  This is one of the things we’ll work on. Crafting YOUR compelling story will make all of your marketing and branding memorable.



I’m going to give you tips on just how easy it is to use video in your marketing and branding.  It’s quick, easy and pretty much free.  And if you’re really camera shy, I have some tips for you to get around that.  Be sure to check out the blog series I’ve just started doing on video.  You can check out part one here.  Using Video to Grow Your Business and Your Brand Part 1


Using Social Media for Marketing and Branding

Social media plays a huge part in marketing and branding and in building your expert status.  I’m going to show you some ways to do that as we go forward. We’ll also talk about why you need slightly different social media profiles for each social media site too.


Other Show Notes

  • In this show you will learn why you need to be able to answer these key questions:
  • What makes you special?
  • How have your branded yourself so that you are memorable.
  • What makes people think you are the authority in your field? What have you done to build your expert status?
  • Why should people choose YOU?  What makes you different from your competitors?
  • How is your marketing and branding different from your competition?
  • Why you need to get really clear on who your ideal customer is (and it’s not everyone)

Remember this- marketing is how you get leads, branding is why they choose you.  I’m looking forward to this new journey we’re taking together so let’s get going.


Here's Something to Help You Do Your Own Brand Assessment

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