I have been looking forward to doing this podcast for a long time now. My guest today is Amber Miller from Minneapolis, MN.

Amber is someone that I have gotten to know pretty well over the last 18 months or so, and I am happy to call her my friend. I finally met her husband and business partner Alan last November at the Deal Maker Boot Camp in Nashville.

This couple has 2 school age daughters; they have built a successful rehabbing business in Minneapolis, and have managed to balance their personal life and their business life which can be challenging for all of us.

In this podcast we will be talking about how they managed to both leave their full time jobs, the reason their partnership is successful and so much more.

 Show Notes

  • About Amber and Alan
  • What made her decide to go into real estate
  • Getting started with a different partner
  • How she did 56 deals without ever doing any marketing
  • Marketing; where she finds her deals today
  • How they make their renovated houses stand out from the rest
  • Adding upgrades that make a real difference
  • Why Alan’s background makes him perfect for this business
  • Tips for working with your spouse; how they structure what each of them does
  • Why Alan was the first one to leave his job to work in the business full time
  • Staging your properties to help them sell faster
  • Tips for getting your properties sold faster
  • Juggling it all
  • Amber’s advice for folks when they are discouraged or want to throw in the towel

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About Amber

Let's talk real estate investing

Amber is a full-time investor from Minneapolis, MN. She and her husband Alan are business partners, and they have 2 daughters.  Together they have built a successful rehabbing business.  Be sure to check out their website Threshold Homes.  You can do that by clicking here.


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