you ever wonder if age was a factor when it came to being a real estate investor?  Let me just clear that up for you; it isn't!  You can't be too young, and you can't be too old.   What does matter however is the level of confidence that you have when talking to a motivated seller.

In today's podcast Anthony Garrant he proves that wholesaling in your 20's is not only possible, but he is living proof that you can be successful at any age.  I met Anthony a while back when I co-hosted the “Deal Maker Bootcamp” in Nashville, TN.  I was impressed with him right from the start.

I love having young investors on the show that others can learn from. He is tearing up the Austin market in his wholesaling business.  Anthony doesn't hold back in this podcast today. This is one you are sure to like.

Show Notes

  • Buying investment property before buying his personal residence
  • How his background in graphic design led to him down  the path of entrepreneurship
  • How working in tech support at Apple helped him to hone his “people skills”
  • Phone tips for newbies or folks that hate talking to sellers
  • The level of information he initially gets on the initial phone call
  • Building rapport with sellers face to face
  • The benefits of working in the family business
  • Marketing and the #1 ways he finds deals (his favorite way is my favorite way)
  • Marketing to some of the lesser known niches
  • Success with driving for dollars
  • Drilling down his target market
  • Wholesaling in your 20's; the pros and cons
  • The importance of networking


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About Anthony Garrant


Anthony is a 26 year old real estate investor from Austin, TX. He has been investing for about 3 years.  His company is “Second Generation Real Estate Solutions”. Anthony is a wholesaler, he married his high school sweetheart about 18 months ago, and is races motorcycles in his spare time.

You can connect with Anthony by CLICKING HERE.  You can also connect with him on Facebook Here.


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