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I'm happy to have my friend Danny Johnson of Flipping Junkie back on the show today to talk about how to build a successful rehabbing business.  Most of you know Danny from his blog Flipping Junkie, but he also has a brand new podcast called the “Flipping Junkie Podcast” which I highly recommend.

Danny is not only a successful rehabber that has done hundreds of deals, but he is also a pretty awesome tech/software guy.  He has been created a couple of products for investors which you will learn about in the podcast today.

In today’s show, we are taking a deep dive into how to build a successful rehabbing business.

Show Notes

We covered a lot of ground in this 35 minute podcast.  You’ll find a whole lot of content without a lot of fluff.  Here is just some of what we went over:

  • Why Danny thinks starting out part-time is really a great way to get started
  • How to build your new business on your lunch hour and on weekends
  • How running into bottlenecks in his business made him create systems
  • Hiring and paying your GC’s (general contractors)
  • The importance of setting clear guidelines for the folks on your team
  • Setting up your business so everything is a “bid and a draw”
  • The optimal “draw schedule” for contractors and sub-contractors
  • Why you must be consistent in your marketing
  • His #1 source of leads (it’s not direct mail)
  • REI Mobile and Lead Propeller

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About Danny

Flipping Junkie

Danny Johnson is a full time real estate investor in San Antonio, Texas where he has built a successful rehabbing business.  Danny is also the creator of “Flipping Junkie” blog and the “Flipping Junkie Podcast”.

In addition to being a superstar investor, he has created Lead Propeller Websites for real estate investors, and REI Mobile a CRM for busy investors.


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